Accelerate Application Delivery with NGINX

Join and accelerate your Cloud Native application delivery.


Discover NGINX Plus

A cloud-native, easy-to-use, reverse proxy, load balancer and API gateway.

NGINX Plus brings you everything you love about NGINX Open Source, adding enterprise‑grade features like high availability, active health checks, DNS system discovery, session persistence, and a RESTful API.

Topics Covered

  • Configuring a web server and reverse proxy.
  • Load balancing multiple application instances.
  • Setting-up monitoring and high availability.
  • Configuring NGINX through the API.

Who should attend

  • Anyone seeking an understanding of NGINX Plus.
  • In particular: developers, operations, architects and pre-sales consultants


Learn and network with industry peers who have worked for a range or organisations across the globe


Michael Bright

Cloud Native Trainer and Consultant