HashiCorp Terraform Cloud/Enterprise

Discover how to automate infrastructure on any cloud.

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Friday 2 December CET


Infrastructure provisioning automation to drive innovation

HashiCorp Terraform helps organisations improve productivity, reduce risk, and increase business velocity as they integrate cloud into their IT environments.

Hands-on Terraform Cloud and Enterprise workshop

During the workshop, participants will learn how to build infrastructure with Terraform.



  • Introducing the Cloud Operating Model
  • OSS to Cloud/Enterprise
    • Terraform Cloud Overview
    • Review the Basics
    • Configure Remote State
  • Security and Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
    • Protect Sensitive Variables
    • Work With Access Controls
  • Version Control Systems (VCS) & Policy Enforcement
    • Connect to VCS
    • Collaboration with VCS
    • Sentinel Policy Enforcement
  • Terraform Modules & API
    • Private Module Registry
    • API Driven Workflows


This is an intermediate workshop and comprehensive OSS experience is required.

We advise participants to have practical experience with command-line tools and infrastructure as code.


Learn and network with industry peers who have worked for a range or organisations across the globe


Cloud Solutions Engineer