Application & Service Monitoring


Cloud-native applications are designed for rapid change, large scale, and resilience. Applications and infrastructure become increasingly complex to monitor in a modern dynamic environment. 

Instant Visibility

Instana is a fully automated application performance (APM) management platform, specifically designed for the modern stack:

  • Container-based infrastructure
  • Microservices architecture 
  • Kubernetes Orchestration
  • Advanced CI/CD (API driven)

It automatically monitors infrastructure and application performance with minimum configuration effort, helping you to ensure the performance and quality of applications across the DevOps lifecycle.

Simple: Developers can get up and running in minutes with standard DevOps tasks such as deploying code to Kubernetes, setting up environments, or even provisioning tech like databases.

Extensible: Humanitec’s Open API allows you to integrate with tools of your choice and even extend Humanitec to interact with custom in-house technologies.

Auditable: Everything that runs through Humanitec is tracked. This means you know what was deployed, when and by who and makes rolling back configurations a doddle.

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