Introduction to HashiCorp Terraform

Automate infrastructure on any cloud.

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Tuesday, 31 May at 10 - 15 CEST
Friday 2 September CEST
Friday 4 November CET


Provision, change, and version resources on any environment.

During this workshop, participants will learn the core concepts of infrastructure as code and Terraform and write your own infrastructure configuration.


  • Introducing the Cloud Operating Model 
  • Introduction to Terraform
    • Terraform Basics
    • Terraform In Action: plan, apply, destroy
    • Organizing Your Terraform Code
    • Provision and Configure Azure VMs
    • Manage and Change Infrastructure State
    • Terraform Cloud
  •  Terraform Hands-On Lab
    • Lab - Setup and Basic Usage
    • Lab - Terraform in Action
    • Lab - Provisioning with Terraform
    • Lab - Terraform Remote State
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Practical experience with command-line tools and infrastructure as code is helpful.


Learn and network with industry peers who have worked for a range or organisations across the globe


Cloud Solutions Engineer