Reclaim Your Time From Application Security

An Introduction to Oxeye and the developer-friendly future of application security

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November 10th, 10am PST


Stop remediating based on speculation, so you can focus on product development

In this introduction and demo, you will see how application security tooling that is developed specifically for cloud native applications helps engineering teams reduce false positives and simplify prioritization of vulnerability remediation.

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  • A brief history of software architecture
  • Why are there so many false positives?
  • What do you need to enable modern software develpment? Application security efficiency.
    • Reduction in time spent chasing vulnerabilities that don’t matter (runtime + loaded packages make a big difference!)
    • Clear guidance on what vulnerabilities to prioritize (application flows matter!)
  • A peek at the future of application security (or how to reclaim your time from application security)


Dean Photo

Dean Agron

CEO of Oxeye

Dean's Biography

Dean Agron is a cybersecurity expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He’s known for his expertise in identifying market gaps, and in being able to clearly articulate complex and highly technical topics. Prior to co-founding Oxeye, Dean led the strategic consulting group at Kayhut, a cyber-security service provider, and held executive, leadership and engineering roles at Imperva and Checkpoint.