On-demand webinar

Get Contextual, Risk-Based AppSec

March 7, 2023

Today, there are plenty of Application Security Testing (AST) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) options available. Despite this, many organisations struggle to get a clear view of the risks across their applications. With the growth of cloud-based technology and fast development cycles, apps are now more connected than ever, yet standard security measures remain isolated and only respond to issues rather than proactively preventing them.

Apiiro, Nuaware's latest partner, is changing that. By creating a comprehensive inventory of applications and generating a “risk graph” of all security issues in the context of your business. With this, teams can quickly prioritise risks and minimise the need for extensive triage work.


Simon Price

Sales Director - EMEA, Apiiro

Idan Elor

Solutions Engineering Manager, Apiiro

Pritesh Mistry

Partner Sales Leader, Nuaware

You will learn

  • Why risk-based application security is the key to security efficiency
  • What Apiiro’s Cloud Application Security Platform can do
  • How Nuaware can help you start transforming your application security with Apiiro