Dev(Sec)Ops, Cloud and Cloud native technologies distributor

We enable customers and business partners in their cloud native journeys by providing high-value services to build, secure, and maintain their technology stack


For organisations wanting to react faster to market change

Our technologies allow enterprises to create competitive business solutions and digital services while ensuring security and compliance standards are achieved when adopting a cloud native approach.


Nuaware was founded with the view that new platform and software development technologies are an ecosystem business. In order for an enterprise to successfully adopt something like microservice architectures in production, they need close partners in many areas. Nuaware helps select & introduce the right technologies, partners & training to take ideas into production.


Since our acquisition in December 2020, we have extended our team to multiple continents to support our partners and customers in their cloud native transformation journey. 


Part of a world-leading technology ecosystem

Exclusive Networks is a global trusted cybersecurity specialist helping to drive the transition to a totally trusted digital world for all people and organisations. Our distinctive approach to distribution gives partners more opportunity and more customer relevance. The Exclusive Networks story is a global one with a services-first ideology at its core, harnessing innovation and disruption to outstrip market growth. Exclusive Networks has a unique ‘local sale, global scale’ model, combining the extreme focus and value of local independents with the scale and service delivery of a single worldwide distribution powerhouse.

Our Culture

We are people-centric and believe that hiring the right talent empowers us to continue disruption and growth in our industry.

We hire based on attitude, enthusiasm and desire to learn. Due to the unique business model we have, most of our teams have no specific experience in the technologies we sell, or how to sell it, so our hiring initiates are led by soft skills and personality.


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