Helping global cloud vendors, partners, and end-users grow through consultancy, collaboration, and training

Nuaware connects vendors, partners, and end-users in a cloud native ecosystem, offering solutions and services to help new cloud vendors grow and exit successfully.

What We Do

Nuaware is the first organisation in the world that is building an integrated ecosystem for cloud, cloud native, and DevSecOps technologies. The ecosystem we’re building brings vendors of cloud native technologies, partner resellers, and end users to access best-in-class technologies in one convenient marketplace. We also offer world-class training and lab setups starting from curriculum preparation - all the way to certifications, in all technologies that we provide.

Nuaware also plays an important role as a go-to-market and growth partner for upcoming vendors of cloud, cloud native, and DevSecOps technologies. We offer services in bespoke go-to-market consulting, lead generation, partner ecosystem development, velocity transaction management, and consultation on talent development and organisational structure.

Who We Are

Nuaware is driven by a diverse, passionate, and ambitious group of people who are deeply passionate about building the world’s most extensive cloud native ecosystem and the difference it makes in the industry and the community.

We are fundamentally, a disruptive enterprise. The talent we look for shares our outlook for daring adventure, and possesses a hunger to leave an imprint on the world with their craft. Nuaware is people-centric and we believe that hiring the right talent empowers us to continue the disruption and growth we are creating in our industry.

Our Principles of Belief

To Grow and Nurture

To grow and nurture is our mantra. It is central to our team, our partners, the society we envision, and our ecosystem. People who are part of Nuaware will be constantly developed professionally in their roles, through to the skills that they earn and the financial rewards in doing so.

Spirit of Adventure

We're entrepreneurial! We are passionate about daring innovation and exploring the unknown. Our team is made of adventurous trailblazers who push the boundaries of technology. We work together through creative thinking and collaboration to embark on an epic voyage of discovery.

Continuously Improve

We are constantly blown away by how technological advancements have provided us with new ideas, ways of working, and even new industries. Simply put, for you, this means that our promise is always to improve the way in which we operate and that you will always be using tools and technologies that are actually desirable to use. Currently, everyone operates either in a hybrid or remote way and we’re built on Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, and GSuite.

Do the Right Thing

As a company, we are committed to doing the right thing. It means that we are comfortable speaking out or challenging decisions. Rather than focusing on short-term results, we prioritise long-term relationships and so for you, this is a safe space to challenge traditional thinking, have ownership of ideas and be part of a culture where everyone can contribute on an individual and collective basis.


Through Exclusive Networks' acquisition of us in December 2020, we have expanded our team globally in order to provide cloud native transformation support to our partners and customers. The acquisition added immediate global scale and services capability to our proposition and portfolio while enabling Exclusive Networks, their vendors and partner communities with a unique skill set for capitalising on immense demand shifts brought about by digital transformation.

Through this new partnership, we now have the ability to:

  • Give our partners a ready-made on-ramp into new high-growth opportunities.
  • Offer turnkey channel solutions to large vendors who are being drawn to new emerging markets.
  • Resolve technical gaps in their established partner networks and offer credible support.

Join our Ecosystem

We are on the journey of building a collaborative community of technology vendors, resellers, and end-users focused on cloud, cloud native, and DevSecOps technologies globally.

Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can come together to find the best technologies for their needs, receive top-notch training and support, and grow their businesses. We believe that by working together, we can drive innovation, accelerate growth, and create a better future for all.


As a Partner Reseller

As a reseller, you gain access to the latest and greatest cloud, cloud native, and DevSecOps technologies. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes cutting-edge solutions from leading vendors, and we provide the training and support you need to sell these products with confidence.


As an End User

Finally, as an end-user, you can benefit from our deep expertise in cloud, cloud native, and DevSecOps technologies. We can help you identify the best solutions for your specific needs, provide training and support to ensure successful adoption, and help you achieve your business objectives.


As a Vendor

As a technology vendor, you can benefit from our extensive network of resellers and end-users globally as well as our service offerings. We can help you reach new customers, penetrate new markets, capitalise on high growth opportunities immediately, and de-risk your path to growth and success. 

Grow your career with us as we shape the future of cloud native

Enhance your technical, analytical and creative skills with us. Be part of Nuaware to shape the future together for the better.