Revolutionise your software delivery approach at its core

Accelerate your innovation, deploy with confidence, and craft every release into a masterpiece.

Looking for the leading platform for feature management?

With LaunchDarkly, teams can manage feature flags, reduce risk, and improve customer experiences. It enables teams to accelerate innovation and deploy with confidence. To see how LaunchDarkly can benefit your team, request a demo today.

The leading platform for feature flag management

Release with confidence

Roll out features at your convenience. Launch to users on your terms.

Improve Reliability

Relax with immediate rollbacks. Address incidents promptly as they occur.

Safely Migrate Systems

Erase the risks and uncertainties from migrations to the cloud, microservices, and databases.

Run Actionable Experiments

Enable every team to conduct greater experiments and reap more benefits from them.

Uses of LaunchDarkly

Make engineers happy and productive

Enhance developer productivity, creativity, and satisfaction with the preferred feature management solution for a developer

Innovate faster

Execute code multiple times a day. Minimize merge conflicts. Gradually release software to intended audiences.

Remove risk and stress

Reduce incidents by testing code in production beforehand. In case of bugs, swiftly recover in 200ms by toggling a flag.

Shrink the time-to-value

Obtain vital feedback and iterate early in the process. Deliver revenue-generating features to customers faster.

Create better software with data

Collect extensive usage and performance data, conduct experiments, and smoothly roll out successful feature variations using a single platform.

Improve business collaboration

Grant business stakeholders greater authority over the digital experience. Lessen the load on developers.

Discover feature flags!

LaunchDarkly provides teams with the ability to manage feature flags, mitigate risk, and enhance customer experiences. It allows teams to boost innovation and confidently deploy their software. Discover the advantages of LaunchDarkly for your team by requesting a demo today.