Lens - The Kubernetes Platform


Where The World Runs Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the OS for the cloud. Thousands of businesses and people develop and operate their Kubernetes on Lens — The largest and most advanced Kubernetes platform in the world. It is the fastest and easiest way to unlock value with Kubernetes. 

Lens provides its users with an intuitive and simple graphical user interface that provides the ability to connect to CNCF certified Kubernetes clusters and achieve complete situational awareness, bridging the gap between applications and infrastructure for developers.

Why Lens Pro?

  • Complete situational awareness across your entire stack

  • Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your Kubernetes environment

  • Improve security, increase productivity and reduce Kubernetes complexity


Configure & Deploy

  • Configure & deploy Kubernetes resources in seconds

  • Easily edit Kubernetes objects & resources

  • Access personal development environments 

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Run Local & Secure

  • Deploy and test applications locally increasing efficiency 

  • Automated Container Image scanning 

  • CVE Reporting & detailed remediation 

Troubleshoot & Debug

  • Inspect log streams and events in real-time 

  • Drill down into errors & warnings in real-time to quickly determine root cause

  • Proactively view and respond to resource utilization in real time 

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Manage & Monitor

  • Observe multiple Kubernetes clusters and resources with context aware terminal for advanced operations

  • Full situational awareness of all objects & workloads across all environments 

  • Visibility and access to infrastructure platforms

Getting Started



Documentation and quickstart guide

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Lens Pricing

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