Ensure the Security of Your Cloud Infrastructure and Containerized Applications

Eliminate Blindspots, Guesswork, and Time Waste.

The most innovative companies around the world rely on Sysdig to close the loop from source to run, with no blind spots, no guesswork, no wasted time.

Complete the Cycle from Source Code to Execution

Sysdig's CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform) enables you to efficiently prevent cloud and container security breaches without any time wastage.

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Built for a Multicloud World

Sysdig's security platform for cloud and containers is specifically built to facilitate multicloud environments and mitigate risks across all your cloud accounts and deployments.


Sysdig's security platform for cloud and containers is architected for SaaS and extensibility, adopting an API-driven approach that enables seamless integration with your existing and future tools.

Based on Open Standards

The Sysdig platform is constructed on an open-source stack to expedite innovation and promote standardisation. As the developers of Falco, the cloud-native threat detection open-source standard with a thriving contributor community and millions of downloads, we fostered the growth of this ecosystem.

Uses of Sysdig

Innovative companies worldwide depend on Sysdig to complete the cycle from source code to execution without encountering any blind spots, guesswork, or time waste. Our cloud security platform is constructed using open standards, facilitating compatibility with your current tools.

Single View of Risk

Detect any activity by any user within any app or service across containers, hosts, and cloud services. Our cloud security tool eliminates blind spots from build through run time.

Prioritize What Matters

Focus on vulnerabilities exposed at run time and use high-fidelity threat detection based on machine learning and curated Falco rules. Consolidate alerts into a risk-based ToDo list.

Fix Once at the Source

Consolidate alerts and remediate once with a simple pull request at the source. Use a consistent playbook for remediation across different tool sets.

Choose the subscription right for you

A Sysdig subscription provides a robust cloud security platform that allows organisations to manage and secure their cloud infrastructure and containerized applications with ease. It enables streamlined security management and compliance, ensuring efficient and secure scaling of business operations while maintaining complete visibility and control.