Simplify your orchestration

Deploy and manage any application on any platform at scale with Nomad.

Purchase Nomad Enterprise With Nomad Enterprise, you get extra features for collaboration, operations, and governance as well as support.

Flexible and Easy Scheduling

Nomad is a lightweight and versatile binary that can run various workloads, not just containers, such as Windows, Java, VM, Docker, and more.

Uses of Nomad

Effortless Container Orchestration

Easily deploy, manage, and scale containers in production.

Non-Containerized Application Orchestration

Run and manage your existing legacy applications without any changes (Refactoring) or rewrites.

Edge Deployment Scaling

Use a simple single cluster topology to scale your edge deployments globally.

Batch Workload Processing

Natively run batch workloads with minimal operational overhead.

Choose the subscription right for you

A Nomad subscription enables teams to deploy and manage any containerized or legacy application using a simple and flexible scheduler and orchestrator. It offers tools for running diverse workloads across on-prem and clouds at scale, including Docker, Java, VM, and more.