Transaction Management

Supercharge your business growth with our full-service transaction management

We manage the entire transaction management process for our end customers, starting from identifying the right technology to finding the right partner. For our vendors, we efficiently drive qualified deals and active opportunities to closure. We handle everything from requests, quotations, approvals, pricing, and negotiations to contracts. Our extensive network of partner resellers, combined with our established track record with top global vendors, means that you can trust our process without any doubt.


Why Technology Vendors Choose Nuaware

Business growth depends on closing deals quickly and efficiently with leads. Through our distributorship of cloud native businesses, as well as our dedicated customer service, we offer you this capability. With Nuaware, businesses can focus on generating more sales, while we help them close those sales.

Reduce FinOps Cost

We act as a single point of purchase, streamlining the complicated complicated process of transacting across different global markets.

  • Simplified AR/AP
  • Single currency transactions
  • Local regional expertise in contracts, laws, and language

Boost Customer Success

We are dedicated to Customer Success driven by renewals (~80% renewal rate) and expansions and have insights into customers’:

  • Infrastructure
  • Technology Stack
  • Business Objectives & Goals

Increase Deal Velocity

We enable you to close deals faster thanks to our industry knowledge and experience in the domain.

  • Streamlined procurement 
  • Leverage existing transaction relationships
  • Reduced vendor onboarding time

Outsource Non-Core Sales Activities

We enable your sales team to focus on core sales activities by taking out the hassle of transaction management.

  • Expanded capacity for your sales team to drive more business 
  • Focus on key partners 
  • Separate dedicated team to chase deals to closure 

Technologies you can buy from us

If you're an end-user looking to buy cloud technologies, we sell some of the most bleeding-edge technologies the market has to offer

Connect with an expert

Nuaware’s team brings decades of experience in technology, business, and operations to the table. For any questions you have, an expert from our team will get back to you soon with a resolution.

Other Services

Lead Generation Engine

Lead Generation Engine

Smoothly kick-start your sales cycle in a brand-new market and close new deals in no-time.

Partner Ecosystem Development

Partner Ecosystem Development

Increase sales reach and build a network of partners easily and reliably through channel development, training and enablement.

Transaction Management

Transaction Management

Close deals faster, outsource non-core sales activities, reduce or remove FinOps cost, and enhance customer success.

Training and Lab Setup

Training and Lab Setup

Certified training programmes with lab environments to combine your product with complementing cloud native technologies.