Consul: A networking solution based on service identities

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It helps organisations securely connect applications in any environment using service identities and traditional networking practices.

Service networking challenges

To connect, secure, automate, and access services in any environment, we must answer these four questions: Where are my services? How do I ensure their communication? How do I automate networking tasks? How do I control access to my environments?

Service Discovery

Consul creates a central registry that tracks services, updates, and health statuses in real-time.

Secure Networking

Consul ensures that only authorised and trusted services can communicate with each other and encrypts their communication.

Automate Networking

Consul automates key networking tasks to reduce the operator workload.

Access Services

Consul controls access to services at the entry point and centralises traffic management.

Uses of Consul

Service Discovery

Consul creates a central registry that records and tracks all your services, their updates and health, in real-time.

Service Access With Consul API Gateway

Consul API Gateway allows external network clients to access applications and services in a Consul service mesh.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Consul automates networking tasks and reduces ticket queues for manual updates.

Networking Tasks Automation

Accelerate application delivery. Simplify network automation. Enable operators to handle and improve networking with ease.

mTLS Encryption

Use mTLS to verify service identities and secure communication with encryption.

Service Mesh for Multiple Environments

Run Consul service mesh on any platform and use it with various runtimes, such as Kubernetes, Nomad, and VMs.


See insights about the health of services and obtain performance metrics with Consul UI or export metrics to another tool.

L7 Traffic Management

Apply precise traffic rules to direct and divide traffic among services

Choose the subscription right for you

A Consul subscription enables teams to manage secure network connectivity between services and across on-prem and multi-cloud environments and runtimes. It offers tools for discovering services, enforcing zero-trust networking, automating network configurations, and integrating with common development tools and services.