Nuaware is Partnering with Developer Security Unicorn Snyk

With plans to double down on commitment to Snyk’s growth in the EMEA region

Every company's business is software, with skyrocketing demand for more advanced apps to meet the needs of mobile and tech-savvy customers. And as companies push for digital transformation, rapid changes are sweeping across all industries, but possibly none more than in the world of software development.

Developers tend to focus on faster delivery, eye-catching features and cutting-edge functionality; however, the digital explosion has created new tensions with security in the software development process. While digital transformation has empowered development, it has also overwhelmed security teams with modern development workflows' speed, volume and complexity.

Snyk: empowering secure development in the digital transformation era  

Snyk is the leading developer security company, empowering the world’s developers to build secure applications and collaborate with security teams to meet the demands of the digital world. It was founded in 2015, based on the changing development practices and security issues. Snyk’s founding principle is that in order to tackle security in the cloud native era, developers must have the ability to build secure applications in tandem with Security teams.

The Snyk developer security platform enables application and cloud developers to secure their whole application — finding and fixing vulnerabilities from their first lines of code to their running cloud. Using Snyk results in increased developer productivity, customer satisfaction, cost savings and an overall improved security posture.

Nuaware and Snyk strategic partnership 

Nuaware is proud to partner with Snyk, the developer security company, and help the world’s developers and security teams create secure applications for the digital world. By partnering with Snyk, Nuaware will support its ‘channel-first’ strategy in the EMEA region. As a result, Nuaware partners are able to benefit from Snyk’s Partner Program and its technical certification program, as well as the opportunity to offer high-margin services through the resale of Snyk’s software. Additionally, enterprise customers transacting via Nuaware can take advantage of Snyk’s infrastructure in the EU (Frankfurt) AWS region. 

“We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Nuaware and collaborate with them as a Distribution Partner for EMEA,” said Udi Nachmany, Vice President of EMEA Alliances, Snyk. “As the demand for developer security grows, and as Snyk expands its channel-first approach in EMEA, we are always looking to expand our partner ecosystem and help businesses all over the world capitalise on that opportunity. Our latest partnership with Nuaware will help us continue our mission to empower developers by offering our partners the ability to integrate Snyk into their customers’ existing workflows, tools and processes—ultimately accelerating their adoption of DevSecOps.” 

How Snyk complements our portfolio

Nuaware has a strong portfolio of specialised DevSecOps vendors, many of whom Snyk closely works with. This means that partners can integrate the Snyk Developer Security Platform into their offerings alongside other vendors’ solutions, in order to streamline security during application development—making their solutions more attractive to modern development teams.

Get started with Snyk 

With a Snyk subscription, teams can secure their code, dependencies, containers, and cloud configurations throughout the development lifecycle and on various languages and platforms. Snyk also integrates with popular development tools and workflows to make security easier. 

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